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Date:      27 Nov 2018 15:46:12 -0500
From:      "John Levine" <>
Subject:   Re: Invalid DKIM signatures in this list
Message-ID:  <20181127204613.1012C2008F10BE@ary.qy>
In-Reply-To: <>

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In article <> you write:
>A lot of people cared.  You can visit the IETF mailing list and read
>through the reams of discussion regarding the negative impact that
>DKIM would have on mailing lists.

I'm reasonably sure you're confusing DKIM and DMARC.  DKIM creates no
problems for mailing lists unless the lists go out of their way to do
something wrong.  DMARC, on the other hand, has been bad news ever
since AOL and Yahoo started misusing it to push the costs of their
subscriber data breaches on the rest of the world.


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