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Date:      Sat, 28 May 2005 21:16:06 +0100
From:      "Bruce A. Mah" <>
To:        <james>
Subject:   Re: Migration Guide
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If memory serves me right, Vizion wrote:
> To
> This thread from freebsd-question refers to release notes and is passed t=
o you=20
> on recomendation of  Giorgos Keramidas who contributed to the dialogue on=
> Migration Guide:

As Giorgos said, the release notes of 5.4 are frozen and no changes can
be made to them.

The release notes for 5-STABLE and 6-CURRENT have no references to the
Migration Guide.  There used to be some boiler-plate references to
src/UPDATING but they were probably removed during those releases where
the Migration Guide existed.  Some suitably motivated doc committer
could update them if necessary and bring them back.

Note that the Migration Guide was intended to address concerns of users
upgrading from 4.X to 5.X.  This is implied in its abstract and is
specifically stated in the introduction.


> >On 2005-05-28 08:58, Vizion <> wrote:
> >> On Saturday 28 May 2005 07:30,  the author Giorgos Keramidas contribut=
> >> to
> >>
> >> the dialogue on Re: Migration Guide:
> >> >On 2005-05-27 10:52, Vizion <> wrote:
> >> >> Hi
> >> >> Have I missed something -- I do not see any notes for source upgrad=
> >> >> from 5.3 to 5.4 in the Migration guide. There see notes on upgrade =
> >> >> to 5.x.
> >> >
> >> >The usual update procedure, described in the Handbook and
> >> >/usr/src/UPDATING works fine for 5.3 -> 5.4, so there is
> >> >no need for a special "Migration Guide".
> >>
> >> I think that may be arguable but if true the release notes needs to be
> >> updated to reflect that position by removing all reference  to the
> >> presence of updating notes in the migration guide for upgrade from 5.x=
> >> 5.4 and replace it with a handbook page reference.
> >
> >Certainly.  It's too late to fix the release notes of 5.4, but if you
> >note such places please contact :-)

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