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Date:      Sun, 07 Aug 2011 23:32:36 +0200
From:      David Demelier <>
Subject:   Re: Alternative windowmanagers
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On 05/08/2011 21:12, Christian Barthel wrote:
> Hello,
> I read on slashdot that Linus Torvalds moved from Gnome 2.3x to Xfce. It
> seems that he isn't thrilled by xfce, but it's far better than Gnome3.
> As a Gnome 2.3x user too, I am also a bit nervouse. Gnome 3 is a big
> mistake. And there are also rumors that Gnome will be Linux only. Maybe,
> we will never see Gnome3 under FreeBSD, but this is not a tragedy :)
> I am not very interested in eyecandy: I want a stable and fast wm (less
> memory and cpu, quick access to important places), different workspaces,
> and it should be configurable with ordinary files. Of course, It must
> run under FreeBSD.
> I sniffed into AfterStep, fvwm2 and fluxbox (I don't want to use KDE). I
> think, fluxbox is a nice wm and for my future, it will be the default wm
> for me. It's also very fast and easy to configure.
> Are there any other window manager worth looking?
> What is your window manager?

I *looooove* dwm for developping, I always start three terms, one for 
vim, one for compiling and one for manual pages :) It is my best way to 
write code efficiently. I also like much its features like autotagging, 
multitagging and direct support of non-resizeable windows.

When I only use my desktop and don't want a tiled wm I'd rather use 
pekwm, it is fast and similar to fluxbox without a taskbar but with more 
features and a very easy config file syntax.

Pekwm is absolutely perfect with its autoproperties, you can do almost 
what you want with any window :)


David Demelier

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