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Date:      Tue,  9 Jul 96 21:34:18 +0000
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Subject:   Re(2): [Fwd: Parallel laplink abuse leads to death of kernel secondary timer]
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>         Is there a way of getting information (and enough information to 
>         for programming) on the new (ECP and also EPP ?) parallel port 
>         modes? Also, is anyone actually working with the lpt driver to 
>         allow bidirectional?

I have been collecting info on this subject, but am unlikely to actually work on it in the near future.

There is some info on the bidirectional modes at, though this is mostly about what it looks like from outside the PC, rather than programming information.  Also somwhere on the web I found datasheets on some NatSemi chips that implement the various parallel port modes.  Finally, the only complete documentation on how to program ECP mode (including how to probe for what sort of ports you have got) seems to be in the Microsoft Developer Network - I couldn't find it on the Microsoft web site, but it is on the MSDN CDs.

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