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Date:      Tue, 17 May 2011 08:32:01 -0400
From:      Christopher Hilton <>
To:        Alano Conraz <>
Subject:   Re: how to use cfs (cryptographic file system) ?
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No problem:

I looked up my solution to the problem because I submitted a patch to fix things. It's here (ports pr #155788):

After this you should be able to create an encrypted filesystem with cmkdir and attach it with cattach and detach it with cdetach.

-- Chris

On May 17, 2011, at 6:53 AM, Alano Conraz wrote:

> I tried this and it seems to work. 
> Thank you very much for your help!
> Have a good day.
> While still being useful cfsd is old and doesn't conform to the latest practices in nfs servers. In particular, it doesn't: use tcp, use IPv6, or do nfs v3 or later.
> I changed the line in the .../rc.d/cfsd script that came with the port to the following:
> mount -o port="$cfsd_port",nfsv2,udp${cfsd_bootstrap} "$cfsd_mountpoint"
> I changed the mount to use udp and nfsv2. I also coded the localhost address rather than the name. Finally, I made the bootstrap and the mountpoint controllable via configuration variables. I'm pretty sure that I sent these modifications to the cfs port maintainer as a patch to the port. I also probably included a KEYWORD: shutdown in the port to get by an annoying warning and the second startup.
> -- Chris Hilton
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