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Date:      Mon, 16 Nov 2009 00:55:24 -0800 (PST)
From:      James Phillips <>
To:        CyberLeo Kitsana <>
Subject:   Re: [FreeBSD Questions] Filesystem image as root
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <>

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=0A=0A--- On Sun, 11/15/09, CyberLeo Kitsana <> wrote:=
=0A> James Phillips wrote:=0A> >> Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 20:29:59 -0600=0A>=
 >> From: CyberLeo Kitsana <>=0A> >> Subject: [FreeBSD=
 Questions] Filesystem image as=0A> root=0A> >>=0A> >> The single IDE conne=
ctor is accessible via the=0A> legacy ISA=0A> >> ports, and is=0A> >> thus =
limited to PIO modes (about 1.6MB/sec max,=0A> even with=0A> >> an actual h=
ard=0A> >> drive instead of a CF card).=0A> > =0A> > You are off by an orde=
r of magnitude (base 2 or 10):=0A> > Pio mode 0 is ~3.3 MB/s=0A> > Pio mode=
 4 is ~16.7 MB/s=0A> > =0A> >
O-c.html=0A> > =0A> > You can probably set PIO mode 4 for with:=0A> > # ata=
control mode ad0 PIO4=0A> =0A> If only that were true in this case.=0A> =0A=
> (85eef1f3)[root@ss4200 ~]# atacontrol mode ad0 PIO4=0A> current mode =3D =
PIO2=0A> (85eef1f3)[root@ss4200 ~]# atacontrol mode ad0 PIO4=0A> current mo=
de =3D PIO2=0A> (85eef1f3)[root@ss4200 ~]# dd if=3D/dev/ad0 of=3D/dev/null=
=0A> bs=3D4096 count=3D4096=0A> 4096+0 records in=0A> 4096+0 records out=0A=
> 16777216 bytes transferred in 10.111748 secs (1659181=0A> bytes/sec)=0A> =
=0A> Nothing I've tried seems to boost the throughput, hence the=0A> desire=
 to=0A> use a compressed cached filesystem image.=0A> =0A> Thanks for the s=
uggestions, though!=0AOuch!=0A=0AI thought the laptop I was "fixing" last w=
eek was bad: running Vista with a 10MB/s transfer rate :P=0A=0AThe drive in=
 my Pentium 166 gets 11-12MB/s.=0A=0AI actually looked up both the PIO mode=
s:=0A the spec=
 sheet (assuming Tom's hardware was wrong) before composing my original rep=
ly:=0AIntel=AE Entry Storage System SS4200-E=0ATechnical product specificat=
ion [PDF]=0A
sb/ss4200e_tps_11.pdf=0A=0AI noted that the ATA port is not listed as a fea=
ture, which is not a good sign. It does appear in the block-diagram labeled=
:DOM=0AGlossary definition: Disk On Module=0A=0AIf I had to guess: Intel di=
d something "weird" or "non-standard" to the port, so the standard BSD driv=
er does not work properly.=0AHave you read the ata(4) manual page?=0AThe fo=
llowing  /boot/device.hints are suggested for"isa"=
=0Ahint.ata.0.port=3D"0x1f0"=0Ahint.ata.0.irq=3D"14"=0A. . . port '1' proba=
bly not needed=0AI had a thought: it could just as easily be "pc98" if they=
 don't intend for you to touch the "firmware."=0A=0A=0AThe firmware has sou=
rce code available under a GPL license.=0AEMCLifeLineOEMSW-1.0-GPLComponent=
s.tar.gz=0AVer:1.0=09Date:9/24/2009=09Size:125585 (KB)=0A=0AEMCLifeLineOEMS=
W-1.1-GPLComponents.tar.gz=0AVer:1.1=09Date:9/24/2009=09Size:244406 (KB)=0A=
=0AIf you are worried about license contamination, you may have to get some=
body to look through that and document any changes (to the ATA interface). =
Hopefully it is based on a well-know code-base like Linux and the "diff" ut=
ility can be used.=0A=0AOf course, the term "components" implies they only =
expose a HAL of some kind.=0A=0ARegards,=0A=0AJames Phillips=0A=0APS:"# ata=
control mode ad0" will simply print out the current mode.=0A=0A=0A=0A      =
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