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Date:      Wed, 8 Feb 95 9:18:05 MST
From: (Terry Lambert)
To: (Frank O'Donnell)
Subject:   Re: Recompiling the boot manager
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Frank O'Donnell" at Feb 7, 95 08:13:43 pm

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> After finding the /usr/src/sys/i386/boot/biosboot/boot.c file and 
> changing the "part = unit = 0;" line to a "part = 0;" line and a 
> "unit = 1;" line (I just wanted to point it to this drive rather 
> than determining whether the BIOS returned reliable info or not), 
> the next steps I took were educated guesses rather than based on 
> solid information.  Seeing a Makefile in this same directory, I 
> executed "make", which resulted in a lot of extra files including 
> a boot1 and a boot2.  I then tried variations on a 
> "disklabel -B wd0d" to install either or both of these files, 
> which resulted in various errors.
> Was my procedure to compile the boot manager correct?  And what 
> exactly do I need to execute to install it on wd0?  (And, do I 
> need to install both boot1 and boot2, or just one of them?)

Make install.

The disklabel program reads boot blocks out of the install target

There are also targets in the makefile for making a boot floppy
and (I think) installing on the hard drive).

					Terry Lambert
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