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Date:      Sat, 05 Dec 2015 21:00:06 -0800
From: (Perry Hutchison)
Subject:   resizing a memstick image, on FreeBSD 8
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Anton Sayetsky <> wrote:
> 2015-12-05 10:01 GMT+02:00 Perry Hutchison <>:
> > Having downloaded the 10.2 memstick image, I see that it is
> > configured as a 657MB GPT:
> > After I write this onto a 4GB flash drive, how would I go about
> > resizing the GPT and/or protective MBR to reflect the actual size
> > of the drive ...

Is it possible to accomplish that on the FreeBSD 8 system that I'm
using to set things up for the FreeBSD 10.2 install?  While it is
the FreeBSD 8 kernel that suggests "recovery":
  GEOM: da2: the secondary GPT table is corrupt or invalid.
  GEOM: da2: using the primary only -- recovery suggested.

the FreeBSD 8 gpart apparently does not understand "recover":
  # gpart recover da2
  gpart: Unknown command: recover.
  usage: gpart add [-b start] [-s size] -t type [-i index] [-l label] [-f flags] geom
         gpart bootcode [-b bootcode] [-p partcode] [-i index] [-f flags] geom
         gpart commit geom
         gpart create -s scheme [-n entries] [-f flags] provider
         gpart delete -i index [-f flags] geom
         gpart destroy [-f flags] geom
         gpart modify -i index [-l label] [-t type] [-f flags] geom
         gpart set -a attrib -i index [-f flags] geom
         gpart show [-lr] [geom ...]
         gpart undo geom
         gpart unset -a attrib -i index [-f flags] geom
         gpart help
         gpart list [name ...]
         gpart status [-s] [name ...]
         gpart load [-v]
         gpart unload [-v]

I didn't find any mention of recovering from a missing or corrupted
secondary GPT in either the FreeBSD 8 Handbook or the FreeBSD 8
gpart(8) manpage.

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