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Date:      Sat, 6 Jan 2018 13:39:34 +0700
From:      Victor Sudakov <>
To:        Polytropon <>
Subject:   Re: Convert .flac and .ape to mp3
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Polytropon wrote:
> > What do you convert ape and flac audio files to mp3 with?
> > 
> > multimedia/ffmpeg does not seem to support encoding to mp3 (only
> > decoding), what else could I try?
> Huh? I'm using ffmpeg regularly to convert from mp4 or flv _to_ mp3,
> this works quite well. Maybe you need to install an additional encoder,
> plugin, or library if you're lacking mp3 support?
> 	% ffmpeg -i example.flv example.mp3
> It does what it says on the can. Works for years. :-)
> With ffmpeg's mp3 support, you should be able to convert from flac
> or ape in a similar manner.

I'm somewhat disappointed because ffmpeg does not seem to be able to
split flac/ape files according to cue file, or extract track names
therefrom and insert them into the mp3 file.

So eventually I will need to write a script to process all the *.ape
files, probably with bchunk. Which brings the following question. If
the file and directory names have spaces in them, a simple loop like

for i in `find . -iname '*.ape'`
  do_something $i

breaks on spaces.

What is the sh magic to handle such filenames?

Victor Sudakov,  VAS4-RIPE, VAS47-RIPN

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