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Date:      Mon, 9 Oct 1995 11:31:59 +0930 (CST)
From:      Michael Smith <>
To: (Barry Masterson)
Subject:   Re: fdisk & partition names
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Barry Masterson" at Oct 7, 95 01:46:15 pm

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Barry Masterson stands accused of saying:
> Now, in bsd's fdisk, I'm at a loss for what to do. Fdisk reports the
> following:
> offset      size      end     name     PType    Desc   Subtype   flags
>    0         59       58       -         6      unused    0 
>   59      164197    164255    wd0s1      2       fat      6 =
> 164256    893024   1057279     -         6      unused    0 >
> I'm guessing that the dos drive is the second line. And that the remainder
> of the drive (formerly linux) is the third line.

Yup.  The scrap at the beginning is the space between the MBR and the first
partition.  It _is_ possible to put a partition in there, and occasionally
its useful.  Myself, I think that showing it here is a bad idea.

> The nameing conventions in linux are fairly easy; hda1 - hda4 are primary
> partitions, hda5 - logical partitions. I'm only using a single drive,
> and I have no desire to overwrite the dos partition. My questions are:
> What is the naming sequence for a single IDE drive?

/dev/wd0s1-4 are the four "primary partitions", known as _slices_.
/dev/wd0sXa-g are the eight possible BSD partitions within a given slice.

> When in fdisk, should I start on the third line? (offset 164256)?

Yup. You should make a single slice covering the entire remaining space.

> If I choose the "entire disk" option, will only the space starting at
> offset 164256 be affected, and treated as a single partition; dos=80meg,
> bsd=the rest of the drive?

No, the "entire disk" option takes _the_entire_disk_, as its name suggests 8)

> One other question, whats the best partitioning layout for freebsd?
> In linux, I had the following:
> dos	/dev/hda1		dos		80meg

That would be /dev/wd0s1

> linux	/dev/hda2		/		16meg
> 	/dev/hda3		swap		16meg
> 	/dev/hda4		extended
> 	/dev/hda5		/usr		180meg
> 	/dev/hda6		/usr/local	120meg
> 	/dev/hda7		/var		32meg
> 	/dev/hda8		/home		70meg
> The freebsd faq's, the work_in_progress Manual, etc, don't really
> seem to describe a straight forward approach to partitioning.

Mostly because FreeBSD uses a more conventional approach to partitioning 8)

Based on your requirements above, I'd suggest :

 /dev/wd0s2a	/	30M
 /dev/wd0s2b	swap	32M	(16M of swap is not really enough)
 /dev/wd0s2e	/usr	100M	(more if you want to put /usr/src in here)

And so forth.  I'd be tempted to put /var, /usr/local and /home on a single
partition (say /local0) and symlink to it.  This will save you lots of grief
that you'd have otherwise if you outgrew a partition.

> Barry Masterson

Hope that's helpful.

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