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Date:      Mon, 19 Jan 2009 11:36:20 -0500
From:      michael <>
To:        Jerry McAllister <>
Subject:   Re: Experience with DELL PowerEdge 2900
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Jerry McAllister wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 06:59:02PM +0100, Tobias Daub wrote:
>> Hi There,
>> I'm pretty new to UNIX/FreeBSD and I'm going to install and administrate 
>> FreeBSD on a DELL PowerEdge 2900.
>> Does anybody have experience with that machine, or are there any known 
>> problems, for example:
>> - Perc RAID Controller
>> - attaching an APC to the machine and configuring the corresponding software
>> - ACPI
> Should be no serious problem.   I have loaded up a few 2950-s, same
> thing in a rack mount.   The only problem I had was figuring out
> the device name for the disks.   
> It has been more than a year, so my memory is fogging a little.  
> But, it seems like dmesg showed both the individual disk devices
> and the raid device and you could address them either way and I
> errantly addressed the disk instead of the raid when I first tried
> to do something with them.  Once I figured out what was happening
> by studying the dmesg more carefully, all was well.
in my case, it shows a list of devices daX-daXn then the raid device as 
the total space,
of course this is only if the raid was configured in the bios to begin with.
both of my 2900s run freebsd perfectly, all cores supported and 64G ram 
each. my drac worked fine as well...
ymmv. i did have to rebuild the kernel and specify the number of cpu 
with the 6.x branch, 7R also. 8 runs great.
esx also runs great and you could run your freebsd system in that, i've 
done that on one of the 2900s. also worthy of note
is that freebsd will run excellent even in vmware workstation as long as 
you have a fair amount of ram. using these machines
to their full potential is an excellent idea, virt does that pretty well.

> The only other thing is  that the DRAC is less than hoped for if you
> got it with one.  It really wants to live in MS land and seems to want
> for security.  It was like the people building those DRACs have never
> heard of anything but MS 'networking' stuff, barely know that the 
> internet exists or that wide open, non-protected connections in to the
> heart of your system might actually be attacked by some unfriendly entity.  
> I have heard that the code for them has been updated a few times, so it 
> might be a little better, but I won't hold my breath.
> Anyway, the DRACs don't affect the operation of the rest of the machine
> as long as you leave them unplugged from the net.
> So, 2900 should run FreeBSD just fine.
> ////jerry   
>> Thanks alot!
>> Tobias
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