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Date:      Thu, 6 Dec 2001 11:56:49 -0400
From:      "dk" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   RE: McAfee VirusScan for FreeBSD
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Here is a great link to install amavis for sendmail

Hope this will help some people out there

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Subject: Re: McAfee VirusScan for FreeBSD

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001 15:09:02 -0600, ("KD Computers
- Adam") wrote:

>Currently I'm using McAfee VirusScan for FreeBSD to scan my incoming 
>email, but how would I go about licensing it?  I have contacted McAfee 
>directly, but nobody seems to even know what FreeBSD is, let alone that

>McAfee makes anything for a un*x platform.
>All I need is just a single user version, nothing fancy, as all I'm 
>doing is the email, nothing more.  Any ideas?

You will probably find that you need one license per protected user. I
considered changing from a per-desktop scheme to just putting McAfee on
an Exchange server, and that was definitely licensed that way. I'm
fairly sure the same applies to mail gateways.

NAI have a fairly "interesting" licensing scheme. It's very easy to find
that you are renting the licenses (this happened to me) and if you
choose not to renew you get a threatening letter from their legal
department warning you to delete all copies and sign a document stating
that you have done so.


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