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Date:      Wed, 3 Jan 96 9:36:52 EDT
From:      M C Wong <>
To: (
Subject:   MetaCard 2.0 beta-test release (fwd)
Message-ID:  <>

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The Linux version of MetaCard 2.0 (demand-paged ZMAGIC format). I ran
the demo and it ran fine to the end as on Linux machine. Maybe someone
want to add it to the commercial distribution ?

Has anyone tried out demo version of ishmail for Linux ? I can't remember
where the ftp site is now, 8-((((

> The first beta-test release of MetaCard 2.0 is now available via
> anonymous FTP from  This release is
> primarily a polished up version of the alphas, but a few new features
> have been added since 2.0A2.  Among them, a "move" command that does
> speed-controlled animations, the ability to send delayed events with
> the send command, HTML import/export for fields, and some new visual
> effect options.  See the README.2.0 file for details, and all new
> features are documented in the MetaTalk Reference.

> Note that in order to support storage of the new custom properties,
> the MetaCard file format has changed.  Therefore, you should make
> reliable backups of your stacks before you open them with 2.0B1.  This
> release should be stable, however, so you might consider switching
> over to it for primary development rather than just making a cursory
> evaluation of it.

> Despite recording many downloads of the alpha-test releases, we
> received very few bug and feature-request reports.  We hope that
> during the (hopefully brief) beta process, that you can report
> problems and ask questions *as soon as they come up*.

> The SPARC, SPARCSVR4, IRIS (Irix 5.3-6.X), HP9K700, RS6000, Linux,
> ODT, and Alpha engines have been built for this release.  If you want
> to run it on one of the other platforms, please email to
> and ask for it.  The IntelSVR4, Sun3, DEC,
> HP9K300, and 88open engines are scheduled to be built for the final
> release.  We plan to discontinue the DESQview/X and IRIS4 engines.

> You can use your 1.4 Home stack with this release, or use your 1.4
> key to relicense the 2.0 Home stack.  This release is time-limited,
> and will not be able to edit stacks after Jan 31, 1996.  While the
> engine will continue to function after that date, it will treat all
> Home stacks as being unlicensed and so will not allow saving.

> We are now accepting orders for the 2.0 release, which we plan to
> release in mid-February.  Due to the wealth of new features and
> performance improvements, MetaCard is now even more competitive with
> professional GUI development, CBT development, and high-end multimedia
> tools.  We are therefore raising the price of the product accordingly.
> The price for a single user license for 2.0 will be $995
> (U.S. dollars), $3600 for a 5 pack, and $5000 for a 10 pack.  The
> upgrade charge will be the difference between the old and new prices.

> To help encourage you to make the transition to 2.0 sooner rather than
> later, we are offering a limited-time $100 discount on the upgrade
> price (i.e. $400 instead of $500 to upgrade a single user license).
> This offer will be in effect from now until 30 days after the 2.0
> release.

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