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Date:      Fri, 13 Nov 1998 19:25:21 +0900
To:        <freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   Inquiry about Free BSD 2.2.7

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Dear Sirs,

My name is Atsushi Miwa, Hitachi Ltd. in Japan.
We would like to use Free BSD 2.2.7 in our IT division
(internal use, not for sale) however, we cannot 
find the license terms and conditions which is usually 
included in the freeware.
If you have such terms and conditions, please let me
have it. In our company policy, it is very important not 
to violate other party's intellectual property.
If you do not have it, please replay to this message and 
say that we can use your Free BSD 2.2.7.

Atsushi Miwa                |   5030 Totsuka-cho, Totsuka-ku
Assistant Manager      |   Yokohama 244-8555 Japan
Purchasing Dept.        |   E-mail:
Software Division        |   Phone : +81-45-862-8838
Hitachi, Ltd.                  |   Fax   : +81-45-865-9016


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