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Date:      Tue, 10 Sep 1996 04:00:23 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Tim Vanderhoek <>
To:        Mark Ovens <>
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD & parallel ports
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On Mon, 9 Sep 1996, Mark Ovens wrote:

> I have found a very weird problem on my PC concerning the parallel 
> port (LPT1).
> I can use W95 & Warp without any problems, but if I boot FreeBSD and then
> boot W95 then the dongle detect program reports the dongle cannot be
> found. This occurs even if I power-cycle the PC between BSD & W95! 

I have a similar problem in that when booting to FreeBSD from Win95, 
FreeBSD will usually not recognize the parallel port.  The only way I've 
found that's guaranteed to get the port recognized is not to start Win95 
(but the DOS-mode does start) after FreeBSD succesfully recognizes the 
port.  Then it will also recognize it the next time FBSD boots.

And one other way, listed below.

> Sometimes several power-cycles will cure the problem, but the only
> guaranteed way I have found to reset the port is to boot DOS & run
> Norton's Diagnostics on the port with a loop-back plug attatched, then
> power-cycle, & boot W95. 

What also always works is if, when rebooting to FBSD, I enter into the 
bios setup and exit (don't have to do anything, but this may depend on 
the manufacturer).

I really don't know if you have a similar problem, but the basic problem 
with not recognizing the parallel port sounded so similar I thought it'd 
be worth mentioning since the above work-around is somewhat easier.

Also, please format your message in the form of 60-70 columns per row.  
Maybe nix the tabs, too.

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