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Date:      Tue, 07 Dec 2010 17:04:24 +0000
Subject:   Re: spurious ZFS "dataset does not exist" errors
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Ok, actually when I reimport the pool it recreates these files! Under  
/dev/zvol/mypool I see:

iscsi-cctv              iscsi-cctv@againp3      iscsi-cctv@anotherp3
iscsi-cctv@again        iscsi-cctv@another      iscsi-cctvp1
iscsi-cctv@againp1      iscsi-cctv@anotherp1    iscsi-cctvp2
iscsi-cctv@againp2      iscsi-cctv@anotherp2    iscsi-cctvp3

The snapshots of the volume also appear as "snapshot" "snapshotp1"  
"snapshotp2". If I look at the zvol directory for the original pool  
(from which I did the zfs send) I also see these multiple p1/p2  
snapshot files but the volume itself doesnt have them.
Anyway, I guess Im not going to loose to much sleep over it as it  
wouldnt appear to be anything serious...


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