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Date:      Sat, 06 Sep 2003 09:52:37 +0200
From:      Hendrik Hasenbein <>
To:        Matt Hartzell <>
Subject:   Re: using FreeBSD plus KDE as a kiosk
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Matt Hartzell wrote:
> I am interested in using FreeBSD and KDE as a semi-publicly accessible
> internet terminal.  I have a web-based application that I would like to
> run from this type of setup.
> Does anyone have any experience using a setup like this? Can any one
> point me toward relevant documents?

If you only need to show a website and no other programs should be 
displayed in parallel you might want to try a combination of 
ratpoison+browser of your choice. Depending on your browser you can even 
omit ratpoison and just start the browser as the xsession (should have 
tabbed browsing then).

In effect you get a fullscreen browser with your app as homepage. More 
browser windows can be openend and switched between them with free 
configurable shortcuts (i recommend alt+tab). If the browser is closed 
you end the xsession and depending on configuration a new session might 
open or show a loginscreen.


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