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Date:      Tue, 04 May 1999 11:53:13 -0700
From:      Mike Smith <>
To:        "Georg-W. Koltermann" <>
Subject:   Re: resume-to-disk / incorrect default chosen by boot menu 
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> The good news is that suspend-to-disk works just fine with my Latitude
> and 3.1R. There is something to improve, however:

It doesn't seem to be working, actually.

> When the system powers up after a suspend-to-disk, the FreeBSD boot
> menu prompts for the partition to load.  Since this is a poweron after
> suspend-to-disk, it should set the default to the suspend partition so
> that, if no key is pressed, it just resumes the saved image. That does
> not currently happen, however.  The default chosen by the boot menu is
> simply the last partition that was loaded previously.

This is not how suspend-to-disk works.  When you power up after a =

suspend-to-disk, you should resume where you suspended.

> I would like to change the code to not save the default partition
> explicitly, but instead use the active partition as the default. The
> reason behind this change is that the BIOS (hopefully) sets the active
> partition to the suspend partition when suspending to disk.

The boot0 bootmanager has this behaviour (the 'default' and 'active' =

flags are the same thing).

> Could somebody please point me to the place where the source for the
> FreeBSD boot menu lives so I can change it?

a) You do not want to change this, you want boot0.
b) Your suspend-to-disk is broken, so the point it rather moot.

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