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Date:      Mon, 11 Jan 2021 08:54:36 -0500
From:      "James B. Byrne" <>
To:        "FreeBSD Questions" <>
Subject:   Re: github ports
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On Mon, January 11, 2021 03:42, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On 10/01/2021 19:14, Valeri Galtsev wrote:
>> Just for my education: is there any advantage in using git like that instead
>> of portsnap?
> Just that the git method will be supported in the future, whereas
> portsnap is slated for removal, associated with the upcoming switch of
> ports from SVN to git due at the end of Q1 this year.

A bigger advantage is that with git you get the complete development history. 
Which means that if you need to rebuild an old package for a previous FreeBSD
release then you need only know the id of the last last commit made before the
packages were built for a specific release or quarterly update.  With that
information one can checkout the entire code base as it existed at that moment
and rebuild from that.  And with git these should be tagged so that you can
locate this point based on the release or quarterly build name or anything else
the maintainers consider significant milestones worthy of a tag..

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