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Date:      Tue, 12 Sep 1995 15:57:20 -0700
From:      "Russell L. Carter" <>
Subject:   nas+sb16
Message-ID:  <199509122257.PAA23788@geli.clusternet>

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Ho hum,
Looking into simple sound now, I'm trying to get 
working with my SoundBlaster 16.  cat *.au > /dev/audio works fine.

I'm quite the novice at sound, so hopefully I'm just overlooking
something here.


I had to disable lpt0 and remove the "conflicts" from the
config file line in order to get simple .au files playable
through /dev/audio.

The relevant lines of dmesg are:

sb0 at 0x220 irq 7 drq 1 on isa
sb0: <SoundBlaster Pro 4.13>
sbxvi0 at 0x0 drq 5 on isa
sbxvi0: <SoundBlaster 16 4.13>
sbmidi0 not found at 0x330
opl0 at 0x388 on isa
opl0: <Yamaha OPL-3 FM>

But invoking the server gives:

leni# au 
Sep 12 15:54:22 leni /kernel: PCM device 1 not installed.
Sep 12 15:54:22 leni /kernel: PCM device 1 not installed.
leni# cat /dev/sndstat
Sound Driver:2.90-2 (Sun Feb 5 14:38:12 EST 1995
Config options: ffffffff

Installed drivers: 
Type 1: OPL-2/OPL-3 FM
Type 2: SoundBlaster
Type 6: SoundBlaster16
Type 7: SB16 MIDI

Card config: 
SoundBlaster at 0x220 irq 7 drq 1
SoundBlaster16 at 0x0 irq 65535 drq 5
(SB16 MIDI at 0x330 irq 65535 drq 4294967295)
OPL-2/OPL-3 FM at 0x388 irq 65535 drq 4294967295

<<<Those irqs sure look odd! ...rlc>>>

PCM devices:
0: SoundBlaster 16 4.13

Synth devices:
0: Yamaha OPL-3

Midi devices:

MIDI Timers:
0: System Timer

1 mixer(s) installed

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