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Date:      Wed, 21 Jan 2009 14:52:16 +0000
From:      Vincent Hoffman <>
To:        Wojciech Puchar <>
Cc:, Razor <>
Subject:   Re: Is there any tools can build a mirror of portsnap?
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Wojciech Puchar wrote:
> if portsnap could use proxies - it would be simple. but it cant
The manpage suggests you could,
"If you wish to use portsnap to keep a large number of machines up to
date, you may wish to set up a caching HTTP proxy.  Since portsnap
         uses fetch(1) to download updates, setting the HTTP_PROXY
         variable will direct it to fetch updates from the given proxy. 
         is much more efficient than mirroring the files on the portsnap
         server, since the vast majority of files are not needed by any par-
         ticular client."

I havent tried this though.

> On Wed, 21 Jan 2009, Vincent Hoffman wrote:
>> Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>>> simply do portsnap in one place and use rsync to mirror
>>> /var/db/portsnap
>>> On Wed, 21 Jan 2009, Razor wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>>   I want to build a mirror server of portsnap in my company. But I
>>>> couldn't
>>>> find any tools either in ports-mgmt or in google. So is there a tool
>>>> can do
>>>> this?
>> There is a script in the freebsd cvs repository to mirror the portsnap
>> servers, but from the README with it.
>> "this is not an invitation to start running a portsnap mirror as well.
>> There
>> is nothing to stop you from mirroring from portsnap[12],
>> but since mirroring consumes ~5GB/month of bandwidth while updating a
>> single machine consumes ~5MB/month of bandwidth, adding unnecessary
>> mirrors is likely to increase rather than decrease the load on the
>> official mirrors.  If in doubt, talk to me (
>> first."
>> So if you think its worth it (you have 1000 or so clients to upgrade,)
>> go look in the cvs repository under projects.
>> Vince
>>>> Thanks.
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