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Date:      Wed, 03 May 1995 10:46:49 -0700
From:      Gary Palmer <>
To:        Hinrich Eilts <>
Subject:   Re: /etc/nologin and mount_nfs (union) 
Message-ID:  <>
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In message <>, Hinrich Eil
ts writes:
>For installing FreeBSD-2.0R on several PS's, I installed /usr/* and most
>of /etc/* on a NFS-server (HP 9000-700), rest on PC's. These directories
>are exported with root-access and mounted at boottime right after
>/etc/netstart in rc by
>mount -o union -t nfs server-ip-no:/BSD/etc /etc


I'm surprised that the machines work at all... union mounts are not
the most reliable of filesystem options under FreeBSD 2.x. AFAIR we
haven't got the latest round of fixes to unionfs yet, and it's pretty
unstable. This may be your problem.


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