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Date:      Sun, 8 Oct 1995 11:06:45 -0400
From:      Chuck Bacon <>
Subject:   Perl5.001m dies quickly
Message-ID:  <>

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On a 486 w/20MB running FreeBSD 2.0.5R, tried to build perl5.001m.
I ran ./Configure and took defaults throughout.  Hit return as
suggested to run make depend, and got:

Daisy10:51> make depend
"Makefile", line 110: Need an operator
"Makefile", line 233: Need an operator
Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

Well, lines 108-112 of Makefile look like:
all: makefile miniperl $(private) $(public) $(dynamic_ext)
        @echo " "; echo "       Making x2p stuff"; cd x2p; $(MAKE) all

# This is now done by installman only if you actually want the man pages.
#       @echo " "; echo "       Making docs"; cd pod; $(MAKE) all;

and lines 231-235 look like:
# Extensions:
# Names added to $(dynamic_ext) or $(static_ext) will automatically

I note that both fatal error lines are blank; line 110 has a tab, but
line 233 is truly blank.  By deleting the tab from line 110, I got
make down to one fatal error message.  But line 233 baffles me, since
it's truly blank.

I downloaded perl5.001m.tar.gz from, so it's the real thing.
Is there a problem with /usr/bin/make in FreeBSD 2.0.5R ?

I'd appreciate e-mail on this, since I can't subscribe to questions.

Chuck Bacon -
	"People who like this kind of thing
	 will find this the sort of thing they like." --A. Lincoln

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