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Date:      Wed, 10 Aug 2011 15:46:15 -0500
From:      Gary Gatten <>
To:        'Matthias Apitz' <>
Cc:        'Aryeh Friedman' <>, FreeBSD Mailing List <>
Subject:   RE: How to turn off screen blanking
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> I have a kiosk system I am almost done building and the last snag is
> attempting to make it so idle time (no keyboard or mouse attached) does n=
> blank the screen.   I have already tried the following:
> vidcontrol -S off
> disabling acpi and apmd from the kernel config
> enabling dpms via the kernel config and then running xset -dpms
> Any other ideas?
> Does the monitor itself have "Green" options that can be adjusted/disable=
d on the monitor itself?

Hello Garry,

Despite of the fact that in your reply there is no chance to distinguish
between your lines and the text of the OP, please be so kind and stop
sending such nonsense as your footer, to be seen below, to a public mailing
list like the FreeBSD mailing list.

Thanks in advance


I see....  So I try to follow the rules and bottom post, and apparently I S=
TILL don't do it right....?????? (SIGH)....

SERIOUSLY!!!!!  I use Outlook.  I write something and hit reply - period.  =
I am NOT going to take the time to scroll back in the message and add ">" o=
r some other delimiter to every line.  MAYBE next time I'll make a one line=
 comment or something to delineate the OP and my reply - MAYBE!!!!  Or MAYB=
E you can just deal with it?  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to follow =
the thread!

Some people on here are SO freaking ridiculous - finding every possible thi=
ng to complain about regarding grammar, semantics, policies vs. focusing on=
 the SPIRIT of this and other user lists - HELPING PEOPLE!!!!  Before you (=
whomever) fires off an email bitching about something, please keep in mind =
that NO one is forcing anyone to be here, and people (such as myself) are t=
aking their time to TRY to help others.  If all we ever receive is worthles=
s criticism because we don't follow the policy to the letter, maybe we'll s=
top trying to help - and if enough do that then what?  I'm on one of those =
lists now where I'm one of the only ones that replies to peoples questions =
and tries to help.  Guess what?  NO ONE bitches at me (or anyone) for how w=
e reply because they APPRECIATE the HELP!!!!

WTF PEOPLE!!!????  Get over yourselves!  If you don't like how I (or anyone=
) formats their post / reply - build yourself a nice little filter so you d=
on't have to see such grievous errors that cause you SO much pain and disco=

I have ZERO control over what my corporate MTA's add to my message.  Deal w=
ith it.

And next time you want to bitch at someone, perhaps you could take the time=
 to spell their name correctly?  Hello?  Pot, this is Kettle...

I appreciate your kindly worded request, and I will CONSIDER making an effo=
rt to address your concerns in the future.


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