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Date:      Wed, 8 Feb 1995 09:38:58 -0801
From:      Russell Carter <>
Subject:   Re:  Netscape and XNLSPATH
Message-ID:  <>

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This seems like it should be a stupid question, but...
Where does one get the list archives for freebsd-hackers or questions?
I took a look in the obvious places:,,,
mail index freebsd-hackers index freebsd-questions...

but no luck.  Someone care to enlighten me?


|From Sun Feb  5 14:45:18 1995
|From: (Terry Lambert)
|Subject: Re: Netscape and XNLSPATH
|To: (Michael Nelson)
|Date: Sun, 5 Feb 95 14:13:23 MST
|In-Reply-To: <> from "Michael Nelson" at Feb 4, 95 08:47:07 pm
|X-Mailer: ELM [version 2.4dev PL52]
|Precedence: bulk
|> Netscape for BSD v1.0N bitches about the XNLSPATH not being set
|> correctly, and it coredumps when you try to past text into a text field.
|> This is documented behavior under SunOS, and the Netscape README file
|> says to set the XNLSPATH variable to /usr/lib/X11/nls.  I tried creating
|> that directory and set the environment variable to that, and it still has
|> the same problem.
|> I also tried soft linking to /usr/share/locale, and now netscape
|> complains that the locale "C" is not supported:
|> netscape: locale C' not supported.
|>         Perhaps the $XNLSPATH environment variable is not set correctly? 
|> [nelson@seahunt]:~ $ echo $XNLSPATH
|> /usr/lib/X11/nls          
|Netscape expects the locale from X11R5.
|You apparently have X11R6.
|The /usr/lib/X11/nls was uuencoded and sent to the hackers/questions lists
|by me, three times now.
|You will find it in the list archives.
|The "kit" I put together, including someone elses patches to 1.1.5 to
|make it run there, is in one of these messages.
|Maybe it is also on
|Maybe Jordan has put it somewhere?
|The location of this thing should be in the FAQ under "NETSCAPE".
|					Terry Lambert
|Any opinions in this posting are my own and not those of my present
|or previous employers.

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