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Date:      13 Dec 2002 13:21:16 +1100
From:      Benno Rice <>
Subject:   Re: Free BSD and IBM J40/50 servers
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On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 12:40, Peter Grehan wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> > Has anyone had any success porting BSD to either this platform or the
> > RS/6000 43p 140 as I will probably taking delivery of examples of these
> > in the new year and would be able to carry out testinf for any works in
> > progress
>  The work to date has been PowerPC G3/G4 processors on Apple hardware.
> There hasn't been any attempt to my knowledge to do an IBM POWER series
> port.

If it's PowerPC 601 or any of the 64-bit PowerPC chips it's somewhat
outside of what we're aiming to support with this.

I can easily see a powerpc64 port happening later on, but 601 is just
too old and too different from the "normal" PowerPC variants.
Benno Rice <>

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