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Date:      Sun, 29 Jul 2007 20:42:49 +0100
From:      Adam J Richardson <>
Subject:   Re: autoconf261
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Albert Shih wrote:
> Hi all
> I've strange problem with autoconf 261 ports.
> He install autoconf under 
> 	/usr/local/bin/autoconf261
> instead
> 	/usr/local/bin/autoconf-261
> It's ports bug ? or it's me do something wrong ?
> Regards.
> Albert SHIH

Hi Albert,

I've just had a very weird afternoon investigating autoconf and 
automake. They seem pretty cool but I must digest some more manuals and 
tutorials before I understand them well enough to write my own and files.

With the help of a tutorial I wrote a brilliant 
combination and managed to get from "" to 
"/usr/local/bin/hello" in a few easy steps. :D It'll be harder for my 
larger projects though...

I had some trouble actually locating the files automake19, aclocal19 and 
autoconf259. I thought they would be called automake, aclocal and 
autoconf. Guess I was wrong. Apparently it's FreeBSD's way of keeping 
several versions of these programs concurrently. It would be handy if 
the ports installed symlinks to the most recent versions, instead of me 
having to add some aliases to /etc/csh.cshrc.

Oh, don't know if this will be a problem for you, but unless my ports 
tree is out of date, the latest automake relies on autoconf v2.59 rather 
than the latest autoconf, v2.61.

Adam J Richardson

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