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Date:      Mon, 30 Sep 2013 11:06:46 GMT
From:      FreeBSD bugmaster <>
Subject:   Current problem reports assigned to
Message-ID:  <>

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o kern/182355  ipfw       [ipfw] ipf doesn't compile in 10.0-ALPHA2
o kern/180731  ipfw       [ipfw] problem with displaying address
o kern/180729  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw nat show empty output
o kern/178482  ipfw       [ipfw] logging problem from vnet jail
o kern/178480  ipfw       [ipfw] dynamically loaded ipfw with a vimage kernel do
o kern/178317  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw options need to specifed in specific order
o kern/177948  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw fails to parse port ranges (p1-p2) for udp
o kern/176503  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw layer2 problem
o kern/169206  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw does not flush entries in table
o conf/167822  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] start script doesn't load firewall_type
o kern/166406  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw does not set ALTQ identifier for ipv6 traf
o kern/165939  ipfw       [ipfw] bug: incomplete firewall rules loaded if tables
o kern/165190  ipfw       [ipfw] [lo] [patch] loopback interface is not marking 
o kern/158066  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw + netgraph + multicast = multicast packets
o kern/157689  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw nat config does not accept nonexistent int
f kern/155927  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw stops to check packets for compliance with
o bin/153252   ipfw       [ipfw][patch] ipfw lockdown system in subsequent call 
o kern/153161  ipfw       [ipfw] does not support specifying rules with ICMP cod
o kern/152113  ipfw       [ipfw] page fault on 8.1-RELEASE caused by certain amo
o kern/148827  ipfw       [ipfw] divert broken with in-kernel ipfw
o kern/148430  ipfw       [ipfw] IPFW schedule delete broken.
o kern/148091  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw ipv6 handling broken.
f kern/143973  ipfw       [ipfw] [panic] ipfw forward option causes kernel reboo
o kern/143621  ipfw       [ipfw] [dummynet] [patch] dummynet and vnet use result
o kern/137346  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw nat redirect_proto is broken
o kern/137232  ipfw       [ipfw] parser troubles
o kern/135476  ipfw       [ipfw] IPFW table breaks after adding a large number o
o kern/129036  ipfw       [ipfw] 'ipfw fwd' does not change outgoing interface n
o kern/127230  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] Feature request to add UID and/or GID l
f kern/122963  ipfw       [ipfw] tcpdump does not show packets redirected by 'ip
s kern/121807  ipfw       [request] TCP and UDP port_table in ipfw
o kern/116009  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] Ignore errors when loading ruleset from
o kern/104682  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] Some minor language consistency fixes a
o kern/103454  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] [request] add a facility to modify DF b
o kern/103328  ipfw       [ipfw] [request] sugestions about ipfw table
o kern/97951   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw does not tie interface details to 
o kern/95084   ipfw       [ipfw] [regression] [patch] IPFW2 ignores "recv/xmit/v
o kern/86957   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw mac logging
o bin/83046    ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw2 error: "setup" is allowed for icmp, but s
o kern/82724   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] [request] Add setnexthop and defaultrou
o bin/78785    ipfw       [patch] ipfw(8) verbosity locks machine if /etc/rc.fir
o kern/60719   ipfw       [ipfw] Headerless fragments generate cryptic error mes
s kern/55984   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] time based firewalling support for ipfw
o kern/48172   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw does not log size and flags
o kern/46159   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] [request] ipfw dynamic rules lifetime f
a kern/26534   ipfw       [ipfw] Add an option to ipfw to log gid/uid of who cau

46 problems total.

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