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Date:      Tue, 19 May 2015 21:39:39 +0200
From:      "Michael Ross" <>
To:        "" <>, "Jaime Kikpole" <>
Subject:   Re: SFTP doesn't work from a specific client
Message-ID:  <op.xywd8ic3g7njmm@workstation>
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Am .05.2015, 14:41 Uhr, schrieb Jaime Kikpole <>:

> I have a system that pushes out data files via SFTP to a FreeBSD
> system each night.  I'm in the process of replacing that FreeBSD
> system (its really old & still runs 8.x.)  My issue is that the data
> source can't connect via SFTP, but other systems can.  When it tries,
> this appears in /var/log/auth.log:
> May 19 08:24:56 its1 sshd[38792]: error: PAM: authentication error for
> May 19 08:24:56 its1 sshd[38792]: error: Received disconnect from <IP
> ADDRESS>: 3: com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Auth cancel [preauth]
> When I test it from the system that pushes out the data, it prompts me
> to accept an SSH key and then tells me that it  failed to connect.
> Unfortunately, its a GUI and has basically no diagnostic data to work
> from.
> I get the same results when I try to make the data source do SFTP
> conenctions to other systems, including some that are 10.1-RELEASE-p9
> and some that are 10.1-RELEASE-p10.  The weird thing is that I can use
> command line SFTP from any other location (including other FreeBSD
> systems and even a MacOS 10.9 system at home) to connect to these
> FreeBSD systems and everything works.  I can connect, authenticate,
> and even ls and cd around the file system.
> This feels like the data sending software is expecting something that
> isn't setup on the FreeBSD 10.1 systems, but is setup on the FreeBSD
> 8.x system.  I just don't know what.
> Any thoughts on how to diagnose this?

Turn up logging verbosity in /etc/ssh/sshd_config

              Gives the verbosity level that is used when logging messages  
              sshd(8).  The possible values are: QUIET, FATAL, ERROR, INFO,
              VERBOSE, DEBUG, DEBUG1, DEBUG2, and DEBUG3.  The default is  
              DEBUG and DEBUG1 are equivalent.  DEBUG2 and DEBUG3 each  
              higher levels of debugging output.  Logging with a DEBUG level
              violates the privacy of users and is not recommended.



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