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Date:      Wed, 26 Jun 2002 13:21:54 +0300 (EEST)
From:      Alexander V Zubchenko <>
To:        Thomas Widlundh <>
Cc:        Lorin Lund <>, freeBSD <>
Subject:   Re: Lilo question
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <000101c21cf9$3d6f1640$34056dd4@chappe2>

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Greetings again!

/stand/sysinstall there custom install, 'allocate disk space' there
give only the command 'W'rite and then You'll b prompted to choose
what to write on MBR. Choose BootEasy and proceed. After reboot there
must b 'Fx' prompts again.

Hope this help,
with best regards.

Alexander V Zubchenko,		E-Mail:
System Administrator,		WWW:
Geroev Stalingrada 50
phone/fax: +380 612 64-19-72

On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, Thomas Widlundh wrote:

> >I suppose you are referring to the multi-boot loader that is
> >available with FreeBSD install.  It isn't called Lilo but it
> >can load slackware off of your second disk.
> >
> >You should see a menu listing F1 for your first bootable partition,
> >F2 for your second bootable partition (on disk 1) ...   and F5 to
> >look at your second drive.
> >
> >You can use the multi-boot loader that comes with FreeBSD or
> >you can use Lilo.  I'm sure either one will work.
> >
> Hi again,
> Earlier, with only one HDD and freeBSD only, I had this F1 showing up.
> But now, after
> having added a second HDD, there is no F1 at all. The loader just
> starts with some
> text about the loader itself, and finally there is a prompt.
> Now I boot Slackware on the second HDD by a diskette, but I think it
> would be nice
> to be able to choose the OS I want to boot in the loader menu. But how
> am I
> achieving this? I've read about boot, loader, loader.conf, but I'm not
> able to
> figure it out.
> 6/25/2002 3:56:18 PM, "Thomas Widlundh" <> wrote:
> >>On my machine I have freeBSD on the first HDD and Slackware on the
> >>second.
> >>Can I somehow make the BSD Lilo to start the Slackware on disk 2
> >>(/dec/hdb)?
> >>Should I let Slackware install its own lilo?
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