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Date:      Wed, 4 Sep 2013 17:21:15 +0400
From:      Sergey <>
To:        Paul Wootton <>
Subject:   Re: Custom release ISO questions.
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Thank you Paul!

> mkisofs ...
It is interesting, does the Linux version of mkisofs fit?

> slightly different approach.
Very nice! Thanks again.

On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 4:17 PM, Paul Wootton <> wrote:

> On 09/04/13 10:27, Sergey wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> Is there a way to create custom ISO without buildworld?
>> I just want to edit some configs and bsdinstall scripts for silent
>> automated install - why need to recompile whole world?
>> It will be great if you'll share some useful links about this process.
>> Thanks.
> Hi,
> To create a custom ISO, download the ISO you want to use as your base, use
> tar to extract the ISO into a new directory, make the changes you want and
> then run "mkisofs -V FreeBSD9 -J -R -b boot/cdboot -no-emul-boot -o
> ../freebsd_custom.iso ." from the new directory.
> That will create a bootable CD.
> What I did when making a custom install CD for my server (it's 1000s of
> miles away in a datacenter) was a slightly different approach.
> I created a sparse file (sparse to save on disk space) the exact size of
> my server harddrive on my running BSD box, used mdconfig to give me a md
> device and pointed VirtualBox at it. Within a VBox session, I did a normal
> install (manually created the ZFS filing systems), made all the config
> changes I wanted, installed the apps I wanted then shut the VBox session
> down. I DD-ed in the md device and piped it to bzip2, creating a bz2 file.
> Added the bz2 file to the custom BSD install ISO and modified /etc/rc.local
> file to un-bzip the bz2 file, pipe it to mbuffer (so the opperator could
> see something was happening) and write the output to the harddrive, popping
> the reset line when complete.
> When the server restarted, it was configured with all the right user
> accounts, ip addresses, nameserver settings etc.
> Just my 2 pence worth...
> Paul

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