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Date:      Sun, 8 Sep 1996 17:50:24 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Mike Newell <>
To:        Mike <>
Subject:   Re: Kernel PPP and BitSurfer Pro
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On Sun, 8 Sep 1996, Mike wrote:

> I am trying to setup kernel ppp to connect to an Ascend terminal server.
> Has anyone done this successfully?  Any words of wisdom would be
> appreciated.  Yes, I have read te handbook.

For the kernel all you have to do is build one that supports the tun0 
interface.  *I* use a BitSurfer Pro to connect to another BSP on a 
FreeBSD machine that acts as my dialin-server.  I use PPPD though; I find 
that PPP (aka ijppp) tends to keep disconnecting under heavy load 
whenever I try to use it.  :-(

To build a kernel with tun device support, steps are:

  1. Go to the config directory:

	cd /sys/i386/conf

  2. Make a copy of the generic kernel config file:

	cp GENERIC whatever

     Replace "whatever" with the name of the kernel you want.  I call
     mine "MikesKernel".  For the rest of these instructions I'll assume
     the name "whatever" and you can fill in what you want.

  3. Edit "whatever" and add the line

	pseudo-device tun n
     where "n" should be "1", "2", etc. - the number of PPP interfaces 
     you'll need.  You might also want to stick in a line like

	pseudo-device bpfilter 6

     so that you can use tcpdump on the device (you may have to increase
     6; basically there needs to be one bpfilter for each net device.  Use
     "ifconfig -a" to figure out how many devices you have).

  4. I also change the "ident" line so that I can differentiate my kernel
     from the generic one.

  5. Config the build files:

	config whatever

  6. Build the kernel:

	cd ../../compile/whatever
	make depend

  7. Assuming the kernel builds OK (no reason it shouldn't!! :-) then
     install it:

	make install

  8. Now reboot.

'course you probably don't have to do all this, since if you're using the 
GENERIC kernel it should have tun devices built in.  Do "ifconfig -a" to 
see if it does.  If so then you should just use the ijppp according to 
the instructions to talk to the Ascend.

One thing the Ascends do that other terminal servers don't necessarily do 
is they can be configed to _assume_ a PPP link from the start.  If yours 
is so configured then you should _NOT_ to a login script, but rather do 
authentication via PAP (or preferrably) CHAP.  You won't get the standard 
"Username:"/"Password:" prompts, and your connection will come up MUCH 

Hope this helps,


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