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Date:      Mon, 26 Oct 1998 21:04:57 -0700
From:      "Alex Davidson" <>
Subject:   PPP
Message-ID:  <000001be015e$f60db680$0100a8c0@pony-pii-450>

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I can make ppp dial manually to my ISP through term and it says:
Connected 26400
but never prompts for a login.

I also modified the ppp.conf file to add a section that corresponds to
supplying my name and password, but when I load it it says:
Warning: Add route failed: errno: Network is unreachable
then when I dial and it says:
dial OK!
eventually followed by:
Warning: DialModem: login failed

The ppp.log says:
Chat: Expecting: ogin:--ogin:
Chat: Wait for (10): ogin:
Connect: 28800 <etc>
Chat: Got: 28800 <etc>
Chat: Can't get (10).
Chat: Sending: ^M
Chat: Wait for (10): ogin:
Chat: Can't get (10).
Phase: Modem: Connect time: 43 secs:0 oc
Phase: total 0 bytes/sec
Command: q
Phase: PPP Terminated (normal).

Alex Davidson
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