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Date:      Mon, 11 Jan 2021 09:14:17 -0500
From:      "James B. Byrne" <>
Subject:   Re: github ports
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On Mon, January 11, 2021 03:57, Erwan David wrote:
> What is the solution for those who are not interessed/cannot handle the
> whole history with all branches ?

What is meant by the term handle in this case?  Insofar as disc space goes Git
uses a hashing algorithm to identify file changes and only actually stores
those.  It references everything else so that a particular version of a file
(based on content) is only stored once.  It is a very economical system with
respect to storage. One can liken it to rsync in that fashion; it only keeps
the stuff it does not already have.

Once you get used to Git it turns out to be exceptionally flexible.  The main
problem that I have is keeping track of what branch I am on. I have somewhat
ameliorated this by using a script that dynamically modifies my prompt to tell
me where I am.

The only thing about Git that I find lacking is that by design it does not keep
track of the file times.  There are third-party addons to do this but, Git
itself does not.

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