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Date:      Wed, 15 Mar 1995 08:14:57 -0700
From:      carf@Data.Basix.COM
Subject:   installation problems for 2.0 and SNAPs
Message-ID:  <0098D635.53705060.32406@Data.Basix.COM>

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I have noticed several messages from people attempting to install the release
2.0 or more recent SNAPs in which they are having problems with "checksum
errors."  I sent a similar message myself but then had problems with my email
and did not see if there was a response.  I found that if you are installing
from a DOS partition on your hard disk that the install script wants your
distribution directories to be in a subdirectory.  For example, I created a
directory on my c: drive named unix.  The directory tree then was a follows:


and so forth.  The complete release I was installing (SNAP-950210) then
installed without any problems.  I merely told it to look for the files in
"unix" when the install script asked where the files were.  I realize this is
just a workaround, but I only downloaded the install script today and don't
know when I'll get around to making the necessary adjustments.  Of course
anyone who wants to do some simple shell script programming could look at and fix it if you have time before I get around to it.  I'll
probably print it out and look at it tonight or tomorrow night.


Marshall Wells (Mush man)

The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission

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