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Date:      Tue, 12 Sep 1995 19:15:49 -0601
From:      Aaron Gifford <agifford@InfoWest.COM>
Subject:   SOMAXCONN question
Message-ID:  <199509130116.TAA02403@InfoWest.COM>

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I was wondering what would happen if I bumped up the value of SOMAXCONN
from 5 to 15 in <sys/socket.h> and in /usr/src/sys/sys/socket.h and then
recompiled my kernel...  Would it break something?  Also, would it fix
a problem I've noticed on my web server...  when someone begins to connect
over a SLOW or bad link, sometimes `netstat -an | grep SYN_RCVD` shows
that person's multiple connections remaining in the SYN_RCVD state for
quite a while, which appears to make it impossible for anyone else to
connect to the web server until some slots clear.  Not being much of
a socket hacker and not knowing the kernel, I assumed that the listen(sock,max)
queue was full, and that SOMAXCONN was a limiting factor.

Thanks for any and all input,
Aaron Gifford
New to FreeBSD

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