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Date:      	Mon, 25 Nov 1996 16:39:38 -0500
From:      Edward Ing <>
Subject:   Comment on whether this dual-booting scheme will work, NT/FreeBSD
Message-ID:  <>

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I am considering installing NT workstation and FreeBSD on one machine.
Before I go and do the dual-boot I would like to know whether it
is going to work or not, before I crash everything.

According to NT installation manuals, NTLDR (NT loader) is run
from MBR, which in turn starts the NT loading process, which includes
the bit that lets you decide between booting NT and Dos.

I was thinking of making booteasy point to NTLDR. Does booteasy
modify the MBR so that I can load, amount other things, FreeBSD
boot, and NTLDR? Thus, will this plan work?

If this plan does not work I am planning to use Richard Brooksby'
scheme(questions@, Sep 1995)? In this case
where do I find the FreeBSD boot sector?

All comments will be appreciated.
Edward Ing

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