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Date:      Tue, 20 Aug 1996 00:36:59 -0400
From:      Gary Chrysler <>
To:        Gary Kline <>
Subject:   Re: final k-config questions.
Message-ID:  <>
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Gary Kline wrote:
>    The last rev of GENERIC built a kernel without any errors.  (Whether it
>    would work, dunno.  Probably.)
>    Here are the remaining signifcant diffs with GENERIC and TAO.
> <TAO controller bt0     at isa? port "IO_BT0" bio irq ? vector btintr
> <TAO controller ahc1    at isa? bio irq ? vector ahcintr
> <TAO controller ahb0    at isa? bio irq ? vector ahbintr
> <TAO device             mcd1    at isa? port 0x340 bio irq 11 vector mcdintr
> <TAO device             lpt2    at isa? port? tty
> <TAO device lnc1 at isa? port 0x300 net irq 10 drq 0 vector lncintr
>    The first entry, bt0 is nearly identical to a line in GENERIC.
>    Only the name/tag of the vector differs: from btintr to bt_isa_intr
>    or whatever.

I'm unsure of what you are asking here?
None of the above listed are REQUIRED unless you have the device!

>    lpt2 I'm not overly concerns about either.  Eventually, I plan
>    to network my old tower to the new one by a parallel cable on
>    `COM2'... but that's lpt1, yes?

Nope, Dos-Com2 is sio1.
	sio0 = Dos com1 (0x3f8/IRQ4)
	sio1 = Dos com2 (0x2f8/IRQ3)
	sio2 = Dos com3 (0x3e8/????, No real standard)
	sio3 = Dos com4 (0x2e8/????, No real standard)
FreeBSD lpt2 is equal to Dos lpt3
They are:
	lpt0 = 1st printer port, Dos lpt1 (0x3bc/IRQ7)
	lpt1 = 2nd printer port, Dos lpt2 (0x378/IRQ5)
	lpt2 = 3rd printer port, Dos lpt3 (0x278/????, No real standard)
I would imagine you only have one physical lpt port, That would be
lpt0. The rest are *More then likly* not needed!

Most of this is in LINT!

>    Anyway, does anybody know what the remaining entries mean?
>    ahc1, ahb0, and dev mcd1?  According to dmesg, my 2940 is on
>    irq 11.
>      ahc0 <Adaptec 2940 SCSI host adapter> rev 0 int a irq 11 on pci0:15
>    I'm guessing that for whatever reason, I can forget about the missing
>    entries in the older configuration file.
>    Anybody??

As taken from LINT!
	ahb: Adaptec 174x
	ahc: Adaptec 274x/284x/294x
	mcd: Mitsumi CD-ROM

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