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Date:      Wed, 03 May 1995 17:15:46 -0700
From:      Gary Palmer <>
To:        Craig Anderson <>
Subject:   Re: Where can I find sup? 
Message-ID:  <>
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In message <>, Craig Anderson writes:
>Hi all,
>   Anyone know where I can find sup to support source updates
>other than the "" site?  That site seems to be
>down or very overloaded.  I can find sup on the 2.0 CDROM either.

Huh? Are you looking for the sup program? Try looking in
<wherever_your_cdrom_is_mounted>/packages - you should find a
pkg_add'able pre-compiled sup client in there. And wcarchive
( aka ftp.FreeBSD.ORG) has been up and down and
overloaded a lot recently, but it should be a lot better now that it's
back in it's usual home and has a faster network link.



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