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Date:      Tue, 6 Feb 96 11:33 PST
From: (Pete Carah)
Subject:   Re: apache server
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In article <> marc writes:
>On Mon, 5 Feb 1996, bill clarke wrote:
>> dear BSD

>> i am up and running FBSD 2.1 and running one web site on the apache
>> server.

>> i want to add some more web sites(with their own domain names). do i
>> need to acquire a unique ip address for each URL, or is there a way to
>> host multiple sites on my server with only my single assigned ip?

>	I've been following comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix for the
>past while, and this question keeps coming up.  Apache requires a
>unique IP for each virtual server that you have running.  Someone brought
>up something about one of the commercial OSs/Servers being able to do
>this, but I don't recall which it was (AIX maybe? *shrug*)  Nobody
>confirmed or denied it though

If you want to have each site show as,
this problem is NOT solvable by anything on the server end except for
multiple IP addresses.  The problem comes from a shortcoming in the
http protocol itself; the base site name is not forwarded to the host
when the http query is made.  This is because the CERN/UIUC folks way back
a few years ago, when they invented http thought that noone would ever 
want to do that, I guess...  Again, nothing you can do on the server 
end will help except for multiple IP addresses!!!  (well, you can kluge 
it like a lot of providers do with but it 
sounds like you don't want to do that; another way involves CNAMEs and
a chooser page but that's a kluge too).

Fixing this would require EVERY BROWSER IN THE WORLD to be fixed; there
is room in the http protocol for that request (proxies use it) but the
default is to not do it...  A revision to the http protocol would have
to be backward compatible for a few years, anyhow, so the fix would be
long in coming.

Multiple IP addrs aren't really a big problem if you're a provider.  They
would be if you pay for each one, or aren't on a routed subnet.
I have a freebsd apache server with 19 aliases on it now; it still
works just fine, though our request rate is still fairly low (about 100/hr
total files on average over January; most requests were for two of the 

Samples --, (really :-),, and several others.  These are on a P120 with 64mb
of ram and "lots" of disk, primarily running inn and httpd; also serving
as a primary or secondary name server for a bunch of domains..

Just on general principles, we are planning to split the web and news
services; a P120 can easily keep up with a T1 doing all of this so
we don't really need to split them up (but it takes *lots* of ram to
keep the response times reasonable, especially if you want to run X on 
the console too).

-- Pete

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