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Date:      Thu, 9 Mar 95 02:40:51 CST
From: (Protius)
Subject:   sound woes
Message-ID:  <>

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I have a GUS 3.4 with 1 meg of ram which is very unhappy.  I am
running FreeBSD SNAP 950210 on an AMD486/40 with 8 megs of ram,
an IDE harddrive, a #9GXE 64 pro video board, a WD8013 ethernet
card, and a GUS.

At first, it would play .au files, but thats it.  Changing the sample
speed would fail, usualy handing the process.  Playing mod files with
gmod would also fail partialy.  Some samples would be turned into
pinging noises.  Recording always fails, usualy sampling TOO slow,
if it works at all.

So, in an attemt to heal it, I hunted down a copy of FreeBSD,
where the sould driver worked.  I successfully stuck the old sound
driver into FreeBSD2.?, sortof.  I have suffered some completely
unexplained lockups. (thats what you get for mucking with the kernel...)

Onto the current adventure: I grabbed a copy of nas, and the patches 
off of, and attempted to set it up.  It compiled
fine, and played A sample fine.  Unfortunatly, after that sample,
it locked up.  No panic message or anything.  I've tried it with
both the old sound driver, and the current one.  It will die right
after playing a sample, reproduceably. 

Has this been fixed in -current? 
Thanks in advance!

-Tommy     <*>

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