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Date:      Mon, 06 Jul 2009 07:03:15 -0700
From:      Drew Tomlinson <>
Subject:   Re: FixIt CD Tool Availability
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Michel Talon wrote:
> Drew Tomlinson wrote:
>> The command 'gmirror label root ad8a ad6a' does not return an error but 
>> no device is created in /dev/mirror
>> The command 'zpool create data  raid1z ad14d ad12d ad8d ad6d' gives me 
>> an error about the ZFS library being unavailable.
>> Are these tools supposed to work when using the Fix It CD?  If not, does 
>> 7.2-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso have these tools?
> One can load kernel modules from the fixit cdrom, but as far as i
> remember this requires some manipulations.
> What i do is, from the fixit prompt:
> chroot /mnt2
> to go to the full system available on the cdrom under /mnt2. But then 
> required things are missing, so i do further:
> mount -t devfs devfs /dev
> because access to /dev is frequently required, and for commodity
> set -o emacs
> (to have shell history and editing)
> export PAGER=more
> (to be able to access man pages)
> After that one has a more or less standard environment. Sometimes one
> needs a writable filesystem, for example for accessing internet
> (dhclient, resolv.conf, etc.) 
> mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /tmp
> does that.

Thank you for your reply.  I performed the steps you suggested above.  
However I am still stuck.  After the above, my chrooted /dev did not 
have any device nodes so I must have done something wrong.  I have also 
tried booting the DVD but the issues are the same.  I guess the guide at 
is missing something required for 7.2.

> It would be nice to have a shell script on the fixit cdrom doing similar
> things automatically when one accesses fixit.
> In your case i suspect appropriate kernel modules were not loaded
> and commands failed silently.

I have performed several Gentoo Linux installtions from its LiveCD so I 
understand the concept of running a system from CD to prepare hard 
drives and install.  However I am missing some piece to make FreeBSDs 
LiveCD a functional environment.

I'm getting frustrated...  :)

Thanks again for your help,


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