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Date:      Mon, 2 Oct 2006 10:15:20 -0400
From:      Bill Moran <>
To:        "Marwan Sultan" <>
Subject:   Re: how to block rj45 sockets.
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In response to "Marwan Sultan" <>:

> Hello All,
> Well, seems no one has any answer for my previuos question, So I will just 
> rephase the Question.
> I have a 66 wall rj45 sockets devided by 4 Belking SwitchHubs connected to 
> FreeBSD 6.1-R
> Server acting as internet gateway.
> Can by anyhow block some sockets (ports) from the serve?
> is there any creative way to block some sockets and keep others?
> I dunt want to restrict by MAC adrs, just the wall socket..any ideas? or its 
> just impossible.

Get real switching hardware to replace those Belkins.  Cisco and other
switches will allow you to enable/disable ports on demand.

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.

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