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Date:      Thu, 07 Nov 2013 11:14:01 -0600
From:      Mark Felder <>
Subject:   Re: Installing ezjail and poudriere on same host 
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On Thu, Nov 7, 2013, at 10:16, wrote:
> Hi,=20
> I need to install a compile environment to distribute my packages on my
> various servers.=20
> One of the host I could potentially use is an ezjail server where there
> are few jails running=E2=80=A6=20
> Since poudriere also uses jail mechanism, I wanted to know if anyone has
> already used both on the same base host ?=20
> I would like to avoid potential conflicts between two running instances
> both using jail mechanism in very different ways.=20

This is no different than running multiple jails. They have their own
areas they work in, so there is no harm or conflict. From my main

tank/jails                     45.6G   496G   676K  /tank/jails
tank/jails/basejail             736M   496G   196M  /tank/jails/basejail
tank/jails/bip                  536M   496G   390M  /tank/jails/bip
tank/jails/buildjail           1.07G   496G  1.04G=20
tank/jails/fulljail              49K   496G    31K  /tank/jails/fulljail
tank/jails/games               7.38G   496G  6.98G  /tank/jails/games
tank/jails/irc                 1021M   496G   885M  /tank/jails/irc
tank/jails/mailman              232M   496G   191M  /tank/jails/mailman
tank/jails/mysql               1.56G   496G  1.48G  /tank/jails/mysql
tank/jails/newjail             1.69M   496G  1.16M  /tank/jails/newjail
tank/jails/postgres             586M   496G   516M  /tank/jails/postgres
tank/poudriere                 8.40G   496G    33K  /tank/poudriere
tank/poudriere/data            2.93G   496G  2.08G=20
tank/poudriere/jails           3.95G   496G    31K=20
tank/poudriere/jails/100amd64   591M   496G   538M=20
tank/poudriere/jails/91amd64    553M   496G   488M=20
tank/poudriere/jails/91i386     507M   496G   450M=20
tank/poudriere/jails/92amd64    548M   496G   506M=20
tank/poudriere/jails/92i386     516M   496G   467M=20
tank/poudriere/jails/head      1.30G   496G  1.08G=20
tank/poudriere/ports           1.52G   496G    31K=20
tank/poudriere/ports/default   1.52G   496G   744M=20

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