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Date:      Fri, 25 Jan 2019 04:37:40 -0500
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Subject:   Getting Wales Moving 2019
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UNE 2019=0A=0ARADISSON BLU HOTEL - CARDIFF=0A=0AFollowing on from the hugel=
y successful Getting Wales Moving 2018=0AConference, we are delighted to an=
nounce that we will deliver the second=0Aconference in this series on the 2=
7th of June 2019 at the Radisson Blu=0AHotel, Cardiff.=0A=0AOnce again, we =
have set the bar high, both in terms of quality and=0Aexpectation of stimul=
ating real change. The 2019 conference will feature=0Ainfluential and well-=
respected speakers with detailed insight from the=0AWelsh Government, Sport=
 Wales, The Welsh Rugby Union and leading figures=0Ainvolved in improving p=
opulation health and tackling inactivity and skills=0Ashortages across Wels=
h communities.=0A=0A[1]CLICK FOR CONFERENCE WEBSITE=0A=0AKen Skates=0A=0ACa=
binet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure=0A=0A=EF=BB=BFWelsh Governme=
nt=0A=0AGareth Davies=0A=0AChairman=0A=0AWelsh Rugby Union=0A=0AGeoff Thomp=
son=0A=0AExecutive Chair, MBE, FRSA, FL=0A=0AThe Youth Charter=0A=0AKate Ev=
ans=0A=0AHead of Communication and Policy=0A=0AWelsh Sports Association=0A=
=0AThe ambition for this series of "Getting Wales Moving" conferences is to=
=0Acreate a long term framework of communication and knowledge transfer to=
=0Aensure all available measures are being taken to deliver on the the Well=
 -=0ABeing of Future Generations Act.=0A=0ATo register for the conference, =
simply click the button below.=0A=0A[2]REGISTER NOW=0A=0AThe Why Sports Get=
ting Wales Moving conference - "Delivering on the Well -=0Abeing of Wales" =
will be open to professionals, decision makers and=0Ainfluencers from acros=
s the sector whom are responsible and accountable for=0Adelivering strong o=
utcomes and increasing physical activity across the=0Acountry.=0A=0AThe con=
ference will cover the following topics:=0A* Update on The Wellbeing of Fut=
ure Generations Act=0A* What needs to change from both a policy and organis=
ational perspective=0Ato make the act a success.=0A* Developing a 6-36 mont=
h approach to delivery=0A* How do we drive improvements in our communities =
to deliver on the act=0A* What skills do we need that are not currently in =
place to ensure the=0Aact is a success=0A* How can we work collaboratively?=
 A unified approach to delivering the=0Aact=EF=BB=BF=0A=0ADELEGATE TICKET P=
=A3295=0A=0ARegister online or call our conference team for more informatio=
n on - +44=0A(0)161 246 6265=0A=0A[3]CASE STUDY PRESENTATIONS=0A=0A[4]=0A=
=0AWe are a social research and technology company helping organisations th=
at=0Ado good, think smarter. Using both research and technology, we are abl=
e to=0Agive organisations the knowledge and insight that then need to do wh=
at they=0Ado, better. We work alongside individuals, organisations and poli=
ce makers=0Aalike to embed key research findings into future practice and s=
trategic=0Adevelopment and use a range of technologies to ensure our projec=
ts are=0Arelevant, scalable and sustainable.=0A=0AOur own Views project man=
agement and evaluation programme was designed to=0Ahelp organisations impro=
ve and demonstrate their impact and value. Now=0Aincorporated into over 600=
 organisation's day to day activities, we know=0AViews delivers the ideal m=
eans to record and monitor the inspirational work=0Aof organisations across=
 the world.=0A=0A[5]=0A=0A4global is an international sports consultancy an=
d sport intelligence=0Aagency, which provides a range of services to govern=
ment, local=0Aauthorities, organising committees and sports governing bodie=
s. Established=0Ain 2002, 4global Consultancy is involved in events, planni=
ng and strategic=0Aservices, while the intelligence arm of the business off=
ers unparalleled=0Adata services to clients.=0A=0A4global provides its clie=
nts with accurate and actionable insight and=0Ainformation management solut=
ions across two sector-leading platforms:=0ADataHub and SportsHub. 4global =
helps its clients get more people active and=0Ashape the future of sport. W=
e use our experience, evidence-based advice,=0Anew technologies and insight=
 to empower our clients.=0A=0A[6]=0A=0AManagement consultants specialising =
in Sport, Leisure and Physical Activity=0A=0AStrategic Leisure is one of th=
e most established and successful specialist=0Asport, physical activity and=
 leisure consultancy practices in the UK=0Aspecialising in the planning, de=
velopment, management and evaluation of=0Asport, leisure and physical activ=
ity facilities, services and events.=0A=0AOur experience spans well over 30=
 years' of working in the UK leisure=0Aindustry in the voluntary, public an=
d commercial sectors, and=0Ainternationally, across a significant range of =
projects.=0A=0AStrategic Leisure's consultant team is known for providing i=
nnovative=0Asolutions and excellent standards of service. Our reputation is=
 founded on=0Aour people focus =E2=80=93 our clients and our team.=0A=0A[7]=
TAKE ME TO THE WEBSITE=0A=0AFollow us on social media for more info & updat=
es=0A[8]Twitter [9]LinkedIn [10]YouTube=0A=0AReferences=0A=0A1. http://wale=
nference-2&option=3Dcom_content&view=3Darticle&id=3D57&Itemid=3D134=0A2. ht=
=0A3. to the WFGAct.p=
df=0A4. http:/=
. htt=
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