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Date:      Tue, 19 Dec 95 01:22:00 -600
Subject:   router/gateway problem - Part 0 of 1
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Hi every body. I have little time using Freebsd 2.0.5 and Unix based systems 
(i've used IRIX from Silicon Graphics too). I've a web server and an uucp 
e-mail server in a machine with freebsd. In this box, i have two ethernet cards 
conected at two different networks (network A= and network 
B=, these IP's are for local use and they don't go out to Internet, 
don't worry).
Well, my problem is that i can't configure freebsd for comunicating both 
networks. I want a bridge, gateway, router???, (you can name it like you want), 
for comunicating the networks.
I've tried to configure it, i have turned on the ipforwarding with:

        sysctl -nw net.inet.ip.forwarding=1

but i can't (and don't know) how to do it. I've readed man pages,free bsd hand 
book, doc's and a book about networks (Unix Networking), i've tried a lot of 
different configurations, add route commands, etc, but it's impossible.

I think that maybe it's trivial for some people of this list, but not for me.
please, ¿Can You Help Me?????. Where can i get information????. 
Thank's in advance...

¿There is more people using Free BSD in Spain???. Contact me, please...
La informatica es cosa de locos
e-mail: ;
* UniQWK #2263* 

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