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Date:      Wed, 8 Feb 1995 15:45:04 -0500
Subject:   (Fwd) Firewall help
Message-ID:  <9502081545.ZM10132@khan>

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How do you have your cards configured wrt IRQ's & IOADDR's.  Did you
recompile the kernel with these values in it.  Do they probe the cards

- Jim

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I have been assigned the task of setting up a firewall after a hacker invaded
our Suns.  I was excited to see that FreeBSD could be setup as a firewall.
I compiled the IPFIREWALL configuration after changing it to match the
NE2000 NIC's and removing options that are not needed (extra SCSI cards, NIC's,
etc.).  The firewall works great on the FreeBSD machine, but I can't get the
two network cards working together.  I can get one NIC ifconfiged and working
but when I ifconfig the second it seems to work but I think there is something
I'm not doing because the packets are not transfering from one card thru to
the other.  I have policy set to accept and no chain entries.  I also get
a strange error when I type 'ipfw l', it gives me an error with kvm_nlist.
The gateway option is compiled in the kernel.  Routed is running (I tried the
-q (default) and then the -s option).  I couldn't find any documentation on
setting up FreeBSD as a firewall or router.  Any information on how to set
up a machine as a firewall would be greatly appreciated.

Please help...

Thanks in advance,

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