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Date:      Fri, 26 Nov 2004 16:26:22 +0100
From:      DanGer <>
To:        Peter Risdon <>,
Subject:   Re[2]: WRITE_DMA failures on 5.3 (but NOT on 4.10)
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Hi Peter,

Friday, November 26, 2004, 2:04:33 PM, you wrote these comments:

>>> FAILURE : WRITE_DMA status = 51<Ready, DSC, error>... blah 
>>> this continues until i run out of patience.
>> This is a really major problem that has affected every 5.3 and the more
>> recent 5.2.1 machines I've operated with largish [1] hard drives. The
>> novelty of losing several tens of gigs of data any time a drive gets
>> busy wears off fairly quickly.
>>> the advice i received was :
>> ... mainly about checking hardware, and this is _not_ the issue. I've
>> googled extensively on this and, as you did, replaced every hardware
>> component in the IDE lines, including the disk drives, without affecting
>> the problem.
>> So far as I can make out, there was a change to default settings at some
>> point (I haven't scoured the CVS repository to find out exactly when) to
>> enable DMA because some newer drives require this[2].

> No - apologies for wasting bandwidth. I got to this stage of research
> very late a couple of nights ago and see I should have stopped a few
> hours earlier. Looking again, this:

> hw.ata.atapi_dma: 0

> in loader.conf might fix the problem with atapi drives but the

> hw.ata.ata_dma: 1

> sysctl setting seems to have been the default in 4.10 too, so that can't
> be it.

> I think I might try turning off ata dma in a 5.3 system anyway, and 
> putting a big drive under load to see what happens, but I fear I'm 
> probably back to square one.

> Peter.

i have the same issue on brand new 200gb ata maxtor hard drive. i had
the same issue on 5.2.1, but when i upgraded to 5.3 i decided to turn on
ata dma but after 9 days of uptime it logs, i
turned ata dma off for now, and i will stay and watch what will happen..

but there should be some other fix, because i don't want to keep my
disc in pio mode :/

Best Regards,

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