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Date:      Mon, 16 Sep 2002 22:02:37 +0100
From:      "Robin Breathe" <>
To:        <>, <>, <>
Cc:        "'Darren Reed'" <>
Subject:   RE: Problems with ipfilter 3.4.29 under -STABLE (post 31/08/2002)
Message-ID:  <000e01c25dc4$63174dc0$026ca8c0@ishadow>
In-Reply-To: <000101c25db0$83062340$026ca8c0@ishadow>

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Apologies for posting this message.

It seems that it was broken for me from 31/08/2002 until around
12/09/2002 (the last time I tried) after which I lost hope, seeing no
changes on cvsweb.  However having recompiled against today's -STABLE
(~7pm GMT) things are running dandy (all other methodology being the

Thanks to everyone that responded to my query, and to Darren Reed for
his development of ipfilter :)

 -- Robin

> Hi all,
> I'm interested to know if anyone is successfully running
> ipf/ipnat under
> -STABLE from after the merge on the 31st of August
> (
> I have found that my existing rulesets fail with the new code.  ipf
> blocks everything, and ipnat doesn't do NAT.  My rules are at
>, and they've worked flawlessly
> with previous versions of ipfilter, in particular 3.4.27 from
> 4.6.2-RELEASE to which I have reverted.
> I am making, and installing the base system and kernel using the
> makefile from
> which has
> also always worked flawlessly for me.
> I am trying to work out whether the problem lies with the recent merge
> of ipfilter 3.4.29, or with my config.  And from all the testing I've
> been able to do, the problem seems to lie with ipfilter.
> Other people's
> experiences with the new code would be greatly appreciated.
>  -- Robin

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