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Date:      Wed, 21 Oct 1998 19:53:28 -0000
From:      "Fam. van Achterberg" <>
To:        "Christoph Kukulies" <kuku@gilberto.physik.RWTH-Aachen.DE>, "freebsd-isdn" <freebsd-isdn@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   RE: When running i4b error: permission denied or command not found
Message-ID:  <000001bdfd2c$7a1c3820$c29fb38f@meerwin>
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>-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
>Van: Christoph Kukulies [mailto:kuku@gilberto.physik.RWTH-Aachen.DE]
>Verzonden: woensdag 21 oktober 1998 13:58
>Aan: Fam. van Achterberg; freebsd-isdn
>Onderwerp: Re: When running i4b error: permission denied or command not

>isdnd should be started via the /etc/rc{.isdn} mechanism. This is run
>always as root at system startup. Of course you can run isdnd in
>debug mode interactively or in various monitoring modes.

AFAI can tell, using the ps command, there is no daemon called isdnd running
from system startup. I normally don't log in as root, but a 'normal' user
and then use su to 'become' root. Should I log in as root to get isdnd

>It sounds that your path is not including isdnd when you have su'ed
>to root. Give the complete path and look into /etc/rc.isdn to see
>how isdnd is started.

isdnd is located in /usr/local/bin. This directory is in both my 'normal'
path and the path of root. I did not change the lines in the sample rc.isdn
that start isdnd (these lines include the right path).
I did comment out, however, the lines that configure ipr0. I'm confused
about whether I need it or not (since the comment says 'always allow
incoming calls' and I don't want to allow incoming calls, I just want to
dial out to my ISP).

If I do need the ipr-lines, what ip-addresses do I put in, since my ISP uses
dynamic adressing on both sides (well, his side is not really dynamic of
course, but he says I don't have to fill it in). Can I use:

ifconfig ipr0 netmask
ifconfig ipr0 down

and then let the negotiation fill in the IP-adresses?

I assume, that in that case I will also have to make an entry for ipr0 in
isdnd.rc . Right now, I only have one entry in isdnd.rc and its for isppp0
(much like the PPP-example). Again, because of the comment 'i call back the
remote end' and I don't want to enable call back, I commented out the 'IP
over ISDN' entries.

>I assume you have built and installed a new kernel with the appropriate
>options as described in /usr/src/i4b/FreeBSD/CONFIG.
>Is the isdn device recognized? (output of dmesg)

Yes, here's a part of dmesg-output:
wcd0: no disc inside, unlocked
isic0 at 0xd80 irq 10 flags 0x4 on isa
isic0: Teles S0/16.3
isic0: ISAC 2085 Version A1/A2 or 2086/2186 Version 1.1 (IOM-2) (Addr=0x960)
isic0: HSCX 82525 or 21525 Version 2.1 (AddrA=0x160, AddrB=0x560)
sb0 at 0x220 irq 5 drq 1 on isa
sb0: <SoundBlaster 16 4.13>
sbxvi0 at 0x0 drq 5 on isa
sbxvi0: <SoundBlaster 16 4.13>
sbmidi0 at 0x330 on isa
 <SoundBlaster MPU-401>
npx0 flags 0x1 on motherboard
npx0: INT 16 interface
i4b: ISDN call control device attached
i4bisppp: 4 ISDN SyncPPP device(s) attached
i4bctl: ISDN system control port attached
i4bipr: 4 IP over raw HDLC ISDN device(s) attached
i4btel: 2 ISDN telephony interface device(s) attached
i4brbch: 4 raw B channel access device(s) attached
i4btrc: 4 ISDN trace device(s) attached

**end of dmesg-output

I followed the instructions in /FreeBSD/INSTALLATION, and assume I don't
have a hardware configuration problem.
I think the problem is in the rc.isdn and isdnd.rc files. Also, there is a
sample file called start_if.ipr0 which is not mentioned in the man pages. Do
I have to copy and modify this one as well?

I'm sorry that this message is rather long, but the reactions I received
show the need for more information about the problem.

Thanks to all who already tried, or soon will try, to help me,

Rob van Achterberg
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

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